Best SEO Book Ever. It got my client’s sites in #1 position.

One of the best books on SEO is the Seo book written by Aaron Wall

Loaded with free tools, tips, techniques & resources that anyone can use, I owe my success in SEO to Aaron Wall. The SEO book has helped me to get my client a #1 spot in Google, Yahoo & MSN for our chosen keywords.

If you can only buy one book a year, then this would be the best investment for your money.

The SEO book starts with the basics of SEO – The History of Search Engines, and general topis like copywriting, domains, usability.

Then it goes more in depth about how to write specifically for Search engines – title, internal linking, building content etc.

Further, it leads to advanced techniques of link building using Directories & Niches.

Aaron has covered each major search engine is covered in detail with its specific habits and issues.

The major topic is how to exchage links, build link campaigns and get link popularity.

No SEO is complete without a good understanding of Pay Per Click search engines – covering Google Adwords and Overture.

It even goes to tell how to sell SEO services once you master the techniques, and you can generate revenue by offering your services to others for profit.

WHY IS THIS A GREAT BOOK – Because Aaron Wall has not spared any single tool. The book, tip sheet, excel files, all are full of links, tools, articles, resources on SEO.

All the utilities to check back links, building links, free tools are given throughout the book. I have bought it, and refer to it often to find tools, techniques and benefits.

You can check Seo book written by Aaron Wall. Buy it if you want to succeed in the field of SEO. I am sure you wont’ regret it.

Cheers, Vinai

3 Responses to “Best SEO Book Ever. It got my client’s sites in #1 position.”

  1. Arun Says:

    good book

  2. Real Estate Seo Says:

    Just bought the book. I’ll let you know hot it works out.

  3. Horace Stettner Says:

    Your PPC advertising tips are helpful and will absolutely help those in the Search Marketer game. Please keep posts like this going.

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