B2B Sales Training Resources

Selling to Business & selling to Consumers is a different ball game altogether. I had been selling to consumers for so long, that I only realised this when I was exposed to the B2B sales process, sales cycle, and closing techniques  at a recent client meeting.

To my utter amazement, the ways to increase sales effectiveness was handled by a constant follow up process, trainings, white papers, and a whole flurry of tips and techniques  for closing the sales.

There is so much to learn in how to sell to businesses.  In my hunt to find the Best Sales Resources – books, podcasts, sales training and sales effectiveness seminars, I have come across a good resource on the Internet – Sales Training

To increase the effectiveness of your Sales force, or to find the best resources – books, podcasts, articles and downloads on acquiring B2B Sales Skill, visit the Best Resources on Sales Training.

And if you find any other good resources, do send them to me, so I can add them to my resource library.


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