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How Arelis link popularity tool helped me find new link partners

October 10, 2006


Over the weekend I tried the trial version of Arelis, the link popularity software tool, which helps to find appropriate link partners. I was amazed at the simplicity of the tool. The speed was good, and it got information back from Yahoo, Alexa, even Whois database

Reciprocal link directories created by software, such as Arelis, are different. They don’t use a centralized link exchange system. The exchange is conducted directly between you and the partner site; a practice that will not get you into trouble with the search engines.

Another interesting feature is that you can customize your link directory in anyway you like. Even a HTML expert can’t tell if a link directory was created by Arelis or by hand. So, it is virtually impossible for search engines to seek out and ban your link directory, without banning all link directories on the Web.

You should check out the Arelis reviews and see the kind of rave reviews it has got first. And get the trial version of Arelis here.

There are some other good SEO tools and books reviewed at The SEO Bible website. They can help save your time and money too.