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Using Squidoo to Create Lenses – Your Take on anything in the world

December 10, 2007

Squidoo is an amazing thing… you can use it to create a website on any topic in the world. And you can put down any lists, any articles, any websites, any resources you like. Then Squidoo adds Amazon books, eBay items on its own, to make it seem like a complete website.

With a simple 1 minute login process, it is a breeze to use. I created a lens on my best shot at Customer Service Training .

Then I liked it so much, within an hour, I created one for Sales Effectiveness & one on Payroll Outsourcing

Now that’s three inbound links to some of my websites. Isn’t it great. Squidoo makes money from Amazon sales, Adsense ads, and eBay auctions. Well, good for them, and good for us too, as they let us create a small website, and links with keywords that we like.

Go ahead, rake up a few lenses, and remember to visit the ones I created, and give them some good stars… After all, It is I who created them… he he he…


AchieveGlobal Hong Kong: Sales Effectiveness Training, Leadership Development Training

November 26, 2007

AchieveGlobal Hong Kong is the leading provider of Sales Training, Leadership Development, Customer Service Training in Hong Kong.

Subsidiary of the AchieveGlobal conglomorate group, Achieve Global has expanded rapidly in a few short years in Hong Kong for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service & Leadership Training.

I chanced upon their thick Compendium of articles, tips and tricks for Leadership Development, Customer Service Training & General Sales Training advice.

Doing Business in Singapore

November 25, 2007

Whether you business in online, brick and mortar (offline), or click and mortar ( online & offline), we all need to balance the books and see how much profit have we made ( if we are making a profit, that is…). Since I am based in Singapore, I have to abide by the laws, IRAS, accouting practices in Singapore.

Doing Business in Singapore Guide

Recently I picked the Doing Business in Singapore guide published by IE Singapore ( International Enterprise Singapore) and RSM Chio Lim ( the largest accounting firm in Singapore, outside of the Big 4). It is choke full of advice about how to start a business in Singapore, the various kinds of business entities you can operate, tax laws, auditing laws, accounting laws and regulations, and even advice about outsourcing your accounting to a company.

I though that companies would be keeping their Payroll quite confidential and within their company, but I was surprised to find out that companies routinely outsourced the Payroll to companies like PayrollServe, which focus on only outsourced Payroll Services.

I’m still reading the guide, and will post interesting snippets tomorrow.