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PMP Exam Preparation

April 7, 2009

Over the past few weeks, I have decided to get certified by PMI and earn the PMP credential. This will give me more credibility as a project manager, and will help me to present myself better to my clients as well as help in my professional career.

The PMP exam is not easy. You need to fill a lot of paperwork, and attend a PMP exam training to collect the 35 contact hours. I attended the PMP exam training in Singapore at Intellisoft.

And I have setup a separate blog to share PMP exam tips and tricks with fellow PMP aspirants. You can find interesting articles and tips to help you prepare for your PMP examination.

Lastly, I came across a pretty inexpensive PMP audio podcast which helps to prepare for the PMP examination, and gives you the required 35 contact hours. Mind you, it only costs $49.95. But if you want to attend face-to-face PMP training, then Intellisoft is a good place to begin your PMP training.

I’ll update you on the PMP resources as I compile them.


Earning a Degree through Online Learning

November 21, 2008

I did’nt realize how far the Internet has reached over the past few years. At the local Informatics school where I enquired to do a degree program, I was surprised to see the huge number of online degree programs available.

I was particularly interested in a US Degree, which I could do without leaving my country or city or my home at all. Imagine, getting an American degree right here!

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree is offered by Thomas University of Georgia state, USA, and run by the Informatics Global Campus.

Another good thing is that if you happen to be a diploma holder, you can graduate with the degree within a year. Now that’s fast. A degree in kust a year.

While doing some research, I also found out that there’s a thriving community of like minded people, who are all interested in online learning through distance learning at your own time and place, existing on Facebook.

All this activity makes me realize it is easy to fulfill my dreams of getting an American degree. Now I can do so without leaving home. Thanks to the Internet, I can now get a fully accredited University degree, online!