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Exploring Craigslist for Link Building

October 21, 2008

I started to notice the increase in popularity for Craigslist in the past few months. I began to wonder what is the secret of this simple site?  Is it possible to leverage it for building links to your site?

I began testing this with creating a couple of ads, and posting them on Craigslist.

Craigslist Singapore

Craigslist Singapore

First of all, a few things to note before you post on Craigslist:

1. You can’t post the same ad in multiple places. Craigslist is smart enough to detect it.
2. It does allow you to post your hyperlinked code into the ad text, so you can use HTML
3. The ad, once posted, is only supposed to be live for the next 45 days.

So what happens after 45 days? Will the ad disappear? I sure don’t know, and would like to know your ideas and opinion on this.

But atleast I prayed to God that Google comes to read the link before the 45 days expire, so that it gets me an incoming link. Lo and Behold. I am really surprised. In less than 24 hours, Google has sent me an alert ( I hope you know how to use Google Alerts) of my ad post listing on Craigslist.

While there, I notices some interesting ads for Buying properties in Singapore from Chesney Real Estate, and Stone Forest IT, which is one of the largest IT outsourcing Company in Singapore. So I guess people are beginning to use and exploit this technique for link building.

Then I googled, and saw Dosh Dosh giving advice on How to Make Money Online using Online Classified Ad Portals like Craigslist, which was quite good, and I picked up a couple of ideas from here.

Your thoughts? Please share it here.


Using Squidoo to Create Lenses – Your Take on anything in the world

December 10, 2007

Squidoo is an amazing thing… you can use it to create a website on any topic in the world. And you can put down any lists, any articles, any websites, any resources you like. Then Squidoo adds Amazon books, eBay items on its own, to make it seem like a complete website.

With a simple 1 minute login process, it is a breeze to use. I created a lens on my best shot at Customer Service Training .

Then I liked it so much, within an hour, I created one for Sales Effectiveness & one on Payroll Outsourcing

Now that’s three inbound links to some of my websites. Isn’t it great. Squidoo makes money from Amazon sales, Adsense ads, and eBay auctions. Well, good for them, and good for us too, as they let us create a small website, and links with keywords that we like.

Go ahead, rake up a few lenses, and remember to visit the ones I created, and give them some good stars… After all, It is I who created them… he he he…


Link Building Efforts Proved Successful

January 16, 2007

Glory to God! Finally, i managed to get the K W Chan Aesthetic Website indexed by Google within 3 days. See it for yourself here on Google.

And this was without ever submitting my site to the Search engines directly. All I did was to get this site listed on two of my other website which have been around for more than 2 years, and are already indexed by Google and Yahoo.

So I guess that when Google came to spider my existing sites for new content, it got a new link to this new site, so it decided to check it out too. So this method of getting another already indexed site to link to your new website really works well. I have done it before, but this was a goood test to see how fast the search engines “bite”.

Anyway, this is partial victory. I still need to get the site listed in Yahoo and MSN. So I will continue to experiment with Link submission software like Arelis, and some SEO tools.

According to Problogger’s blog on How to get indexed by Google, he also indicates that the inbound link from another site method works great most of the time.. It may take days or weeks, but the site does get indexed by Google.

So since this method works, go and use it on your website. What are you waiting for?

I will be back with more news on getting indexed and link submission tomorrow. Have fun…