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Which HTML Editor – Dreamweaver or Web Expressions

October 14, 2008

After creating dozens of sites in the past year, and conducting PHP and MySQL training in Singapore, I still keep getting questions about which is the best HTML editor out there.

Some are using the Free editor called NVU, but most professionals prefer Dreamweaver or Web Expressions ( aka Microsoft FrontPage)

I checked the stores, reviews, and my own experiences with HTML editors, dating from 1995, and realised that the world is split between WYSIWYG editors and HTML editors. Some prefer to use the simple interface of Frontpage, while others prefer the more professional approach of Dreamweaver.

While researching, I saw that Adobe comes out with updates and new versions very quickly – Dreamweaver CS4 is due soon in Nov 2008.

A store dedicated to HTML editors, HTML books, Video is available from Amazon, shipping directly to you overnight.

I personally like the Dreamweaver CS3, which i think is the best – great templates, editing features, and no messing out the code.

Which HTML editor do you use, and why? Post your replies in the comments below.


Link Building Efforts Proved Successful

January 16, 2007

Glory to God! Finally, i managed to get the K W Chan Aesthetic Website indexed by Google within 3 days. See it for yourself here on Google.

And this was without ever submitting my site to the Search engines directly. All I did was to get this site listed on two of my other website which have been around for more than 2 years, and are already indexed by Google and Yahoo.

So I guess that when Google came to spider my existing sites for new content, it got a new link to this new site, so it decided to check it out too. So this method of getting another already indexed site to link to your new website really works well. I have done it before, but this was a goood test to see how fast the search engines “bite”.

Anyway, this is partial victory. I still need to get the site listed in Yahoo and MSN. So I will continue to experiment with Link submission software like Arelis, and some SEO tools.

According to Problogger’s blog on How to get indexed by Google, he also indicates that the inbound link from another site method works great most of the time.. It may take days or weeks, but the site does get indexed by Google.

So since this method works, go and use it on your website. What are you waiting for?

I will be back with more news on getting indexed and link submission tomorrow. Have fun…


Site Submission to Web Directories is Essential to Gain Link Popularity

January 15, 2007

Since I read in the SEO Book by Aaron Wall that submitting a website to other complementary websites (specifically to those which have a higher Google Pagerank) helps in gaining link popularity for your own site, I decided to get the new KW Chan Beauty and Aesthetics Treatment Website listed in as many other sites as humanly possible.

After I started doing Link Submission to those sites which would complement ours, and had a higher Google page rank, I realised that this was a very long, painstaking journey as it took a lot of Real Time to even Submit a sigle listing.

First, you had to find such good partner sites. I tried seaching for “Medical Web Directories”, and was landed with hundreds of directory sites, most not so relevant, and seeming useless, with a poor pagerank. I was wondering what they were doing in the first page of Google for this term, specially when they are not directories. A lot of them were universities, government site, and some directories were focused only on the US or UK market,whereas our Aesthetics websites and clinic is based in Singapore.

Anyways, I submitted to a few directories like DMOZ, Jayde, and the Lycos Link Centre. Just submitting a few by hand required me to type the description, name, email address in so many places.. and some sites like Jayde send you a confirmation mail, which you need to click on, to verify that the site and email address submitted is real. So all this took an entire afternoon.

Finally, after reading for tips on how to submit more effectively at DigitalPoint Forums, I realised that I should be using automated software for Link Submission, which will help to reduce my pain considerably. After reading Reviews of SEO Submission Tools at The SEO Bible, I choose Arelis, a popular Link submission tool for the task. It is free to try, so I downloaded the Trial copy of Arelis.

Hope that using the software will save some time and help in the long run… I have started playing with this software, and will post my findings, discoveries here soon.

Meanwhile, if you have any good, solid suggestions for me, do send them over. See ya buddy 😉


Interviewing Derek Gehl in Singapore

September 20, 2006

Yesterday, I got my chance to meet and interview Derek Gehl, the Internet millionaire protege, who is in Singapore to conduct the 3 day bootcamp.

The interview is part of my book on Success Stories about Masters, and how you can follow them step by step to be successful yourself.

Derek Gehl with me, Vinai Prakash, in SingaporeDerek Gehl in Singapore
Derek Gehl with Vinai in Singapore
Derek was very courteous, and gave me all the time I needed to fire away the numerous questions that I kept on asking on how he got started, his success, his methods, his whole . He has just completed a successful run of a similar seminar in KL, Malaysia,

Over 6 foot tall, young, unassuming, the CEO of Internet Marketing Centre, doesn’t look at all as intimidating as you may think about meeting a millionaire. Yet, he is today running a hugely successful Internet Marketing company with over 130 employees, all experts in the areas of internet marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, helping ordinary people create an online business.

If you haven’t heard about him, he was the right hand man of Corey Rudl, the Internet Millionaire, and stepped up to be the CEO of the IMC after Corey’s untimely death in an accident.

Derek is conducting the seminar to teach how people can start to build an internet based business, even if they do not yet have any website, marketing or technical knowledge. He starts with the basics, and teaches people how to research a niche market, find a product, and write the sales copy for the website. Then start building the website around the product, and strategies to test and market the website.

His company website at is filled with examples and testimonials of people as young as 18, as well as senior citizens in their 60s, who are making money online in short period of a few weeks using their tried and tested method.

Since not a month passes when another “Internet Marketing Guru” is not in town, I asked him “what are the key differences in your approach?” – “I have a team of dedicated experts back in Vancouver, USA, who try new things, test extensively, and then we use it ourselves. We only teach stuff that we have tried and tested ourselves. We are not like the 1-2 man shows that come, conduct a seminar and then disappear, as such people can’t offer the backend support to people who are just starting out.” We know that with proper help & support, anyone can make it.

Derek has partnered with Wealth Mentors CEO Aaron Sim, and is planning to offer first line of support locally at this office. This will be a key differentiator, as people will have access to help when they need it most.

Derek will also be offering advanced mentoring programs, where you are taught 1 on 1, and held by hand as you take your online business online and generate success. This requires even more commitment from you and from us.

What are the secrets of making money online?, I asked. “Take Action. As long as you have an open mind, are willing to spend at least 8 to 10 hours per week at a minimum, and are fully committed, you can make money online. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Take what works, apply it to the business and take action to implement it.”, says Derek.

See him live at the Furama Riverfront from Sep 22-24. To register for the seminar, you can call 6339-8266 or email


Give some feedback on my Redesigned Website

September 19, 2006

I have just redesigned my website. The new look is at

The major changes are

  • Removed background colours
  • Added a Subscription Form
  • Removed Backgroud Picture
  • Changed colours to White, Maroon, and the light yellow

The colours were changed because someone told me over the weekend that most of the best and popular sites that get millions of hits everyday are Yahoo, Google, MSN, eBay etc. are all white background, and pretty plain and simple. They don’t have too much background colours etc.

So I changed my Email Marketing and SEO Website at Brandrich Marketing. Please give me feedback if this looks good.

Also, I signed up for an autoresponder with Aweber. It is simply fantastic. I could set up a autoresponder sequence within minutes, and the popup javascript on my site looks good too. See the newsletter subscription form and popups at Brand Rich website.

Please give me ideas on what else can be improved.


It’s a jungle out there…

September 5, 2006

Internet marketing is tough. Period.

All these so called internet marketing “gurus” make it sound so easy, so simple, so idiot proof. Actually, come to think of it, all they are trying is to sell their e-books to you.

So is internet marketing all about selling e-books – how to create landing pages, how to write adwords, how to drive traffic to your landing page, to your ezine?

Or is there more to it than just selling books? Well, I am going to find out. It is a jungle out there. And this is my journey, charting my path in this jungle, until I reach the other side of failure.

So I am going to do the whole lot – buy the “guru” books, read them, apply the knowledge, and do whatever it takes – from writing articles, adword PPC ads, selling ebooks to generating traffic and finally succeed in making some money in my pajamas.

Hope you are with me. I will be sharing my day to day experiences in doing the various things. You can pass along your suggestions and help me along the way.

Cheers – Vinai