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Which HTML Editor – Dreamweaver or Web Expressions

October 14, 2008

After creating dozens of sites in the past year, and conducting PHP and MySQL training in Singapore, I still keep getting questions about which is the best HTML editor out there.

Some are using the Free editor called NVU, but most professionals prefer Dreamweaver or Web Expressions ( aka Microsoft FrontPage)

I checked the stores, reviews, and my own experiences with HTML editors, dating from 1995, and realised that the world is split between WYSIWYG editors and HTML editors. Some prefer to use the simple interface of Frontpage, while others prefer the more professional approach of Dreamweaver.

While researching, I saw that Adobe comes out with updates and new versions very quickly – Dreamweaver CS4 is due soon in Nov 2008.

A store dedicated to HTML editors, HTML books, Video is available from Amazon, shipping directly to you overnight.

I personally like the Dreamweaver CS3, which i think is the best – great templates, editing features, and no messing out the code.

Which HTML editor do you use, and why? Post your replies in the comments below.