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Give some feedback on my Redesigned Website

September 19, 2006

I have just redesigned my website. The new look is at

The major changes are

  • Removed background colours
  • Added a Subscription Form
  • Removed Backgroud Picture
  • Changed colours to White, Maroon, and the light yellow

The colours were changed because someone told me over the weekend that most of the best and popular sites that get millions of hits everyday are Yahoo, Google, MSN, eBay etc. are all white background, and pretty plain and simple. They don’t have too much background colours etc.

So I changed my Email Marketing and SEO Website at Brandrich Marketing. Please give me feedback if this looks good.

Also, I signed up for an autoresponder with Aweber. It is simply fantastic. I could set up a autoresponder sequence within minutes, and the popup javascript on my site looks good too. See the newsletter subscription form and popups at Brand Rich website.

Please give me ideas on what else can be improved.