Link Building Efforts Proved Successful

January 16, 2007

Glory to God! Finally, i managed to get the K W Chan Aesthetic Website indexed by Google within 3 days. See it for yourself here on Google.

And this was without ever submitting my site to the Search engines directly. All I did was to get this site listed on two of my other website which have been around for more than 2 years, and are already indexed by Google and Yahoo.

So I guess that when Google came to spider my existing sites for new content, it got a new link to this new site, so it decided to check it out too. So this method of getting another already indexed site to link to your new website really works well. I have done it before, but this was a goood test to see how fast the search engines “bite”.

Anyway, this is partial victory. I still need to get the site listed in Yahoo and MSN. So I will continue to experiment with Link submission software like Arelis, and some SEO tools.

According to Problogger’s blog on How to get indexed by Google, he also indicates that the inbound link from another site method works great most of the time.. It may take days or weeks, but the site does get indexed by Google.

So since this method works, go and use it on your website. What are you waiting for?

I will be back with more news on getting indexed and link submission tomorrow. Have fun…


Site Submission to Web Directories is Essential to Gain Link Popularity

January 15, 2007

Since I read in the SEO Book by Aaron Wall that submitting a website to other complementary websites (specifically to those which have a higher Google Pagerank) helps in gaining link popularity for your own site, I decided to get the new KW Chan Beauty and Aesthetics Treatment Website listed in as many other sites as humanly possible.

After I started doing Link Submission to those sites which would complement ours, and had a higher Google page rank, I realised that this was a very long, painstaking journey as it took a lot of Real Time to even Submit a sigle listing.

First, you had to find such good partner sites. I tried seaching for “Medical Web Directories”, and was landed with hundreds of directory sites, most not so relevant, and seeming useless, with a poor pagerank. I was wondering what they were doing in the first page of Google for this term, specially when they are not directories. A lot of them were universities, government site, and some directories were focused only on the US or UK market,whereas our Aesthetics websites and clinic is based in Singapore.

Anyways, I submitted to a few directories like DMOZ, Jayde, and the Lycos Link Centre. Just submitting a few by hand required me to type the description, name, email address in so many places.. and some sites like Jayde send you a confirmation mail, which you need to click on, to verify that the site and email address submitted is real. So all this took an entire afternoon.

Finally, after reading for tips on how to submit more effectively at DigitalPoint Forums, I realised that I should be using automated software for Link Submission, which will help to reduce my pain considerably. After reading Reviews of SEO Submission Tools at The SEO Bible, I choose Arelis, a popular Link submission tool for the task. It is free to try, so I downloaded the Trial copy of Arelis.

Hope that using the software will save some time and help in the long run… I have started playing with this software, and will post my findings, discoveries here soon.

Meanwhile, if you have any good, solid suggestions for me, do send them over. See ya buddy ­čśë


Getting a New Site Indexed by Search Engines

January 14, 2007

I have just completed developing a new website for a Aesthetics Clinic – KW Chan Medical Clinic and Surgery. The domain name is brand new!

Now the important task of getting it indexed by Search Engines, and then getting a higher ranking in them.

To test how long it takes for a site to be indexed first, and then how long, how much effort does it take to get a higher ranking in search engines, I am going to test and document my results here, so that I can learn and suggest ways to improve my methods.

First of all, I added unique titles and meta tag information to each page on this aesthetics clinic website.

Next, I am NOT planning to submit this site to the Search Engines like Google and Yahoo via their standard “Submit a Site” links. This is because I have heard and read that the search engines have a huge backlog of URLs to spider, and this method takes weeks and months. Some sites explicitely suggest to completely “avoid” this method.

Instead, I am planning to get some links from other sites that I own to this new site. This is called Link Building. And I want to test if a site can be indexed faster if the search engines “FIND” a site link on another linked site, or by “SUBMITTING” it to their “To Be Spidered” list.

So today, I have planted a link to the site on my Medical Web design Company, from which I designed this website. I then planted another link from our Singapore based SEO Company Website, which does all the SEO and SEM for our clients.

My next strategy on getting this site indexed was to post about it on this blog, which your are reading now. I am not sure how a link from a blog site will help. So let’s see…

This is it so far… What am I doing correctly? What am I doing wrong? What suggestions do you have? Where else can I promote the website? Please advice.


eMarketing Survey – Say What You Want To See in Vinai’s eMarketing Ideas Newsletter

December 10, 2006

The annual eMarketing Survey conducted by Brand Rich is on now. You can say what you want to see in Vinai’s eMarketing Ideas newsletter.

This is a good chance for you to provide feedback – whether you want more tips, ideas, tutorials, or industry trends, articles, software and book reviews inVinai’s eMarketing Ideas Newsletter.

You can access the eMarketing Survey Form for 2006 here. If you do not have an invitation to the survey, you can register directly at the site to submit your views.

Further, Brand Rich, the company focused on SEO, email marketing, Search Engine Marketing, is also offering a new eBook written by the CEO Vinai Prakash. This book is filled with articles, tips, tricks and interesting facts on eMarketing. It also has a FAQ section, which answers most questions that Vinai gets asked in his seminars and speaking forums.

On top of this, every completed survey gets a chance to be drawn for the mystery prize at the end of the survey.

If you are keen, go ahead, register and provide your candid feedback. It only takes less than 4 minutes to complete the eMarketnig survey online.

Submit to Directories to gain Link Popularity

November 10, 2006

One of the the secrets of getting a high rank in search engines is to get a lot of inbound links coming in from other reputed websites. The thing is that if other people link to you, the search engines recognize it as good quality links – after all, you must have something of value, or else why would others link to you.

The more people link to you, the better is your site’s authority. Infact, Google has come out with the concept of Page Rank – which takes a value of 0 to 10. The higher the value of your site’s pagerank, the higher is the credibility of your website.

The traditional ways of getting a high ranking in search engines was to optimize the pages – this was the art and science of Search Engine Optimization.

But now, having an optimized page is not enough. You need to get quality links from authority sites. The good thing is that there are hundreds of Web Directories, which are considered authority sites, and enjoy a high pagerank. If you get your site listed in such web directories, you automatically enjoy a higher credibitily, and over time, this translates to a higher page rank.

Some of the Web Directories you could submit your site to are listed below. Some are free, but it takes ages to get listed there. Others charge a nominal amount, generally a few dollars, mostly less than 10, but they get you listed within 24-48 hours. So you get a link coming to your site from a web directory for anywhere between 5-10 dollars. This may seem like a lot, but would turn out to be the best money you ever spent.

DMOZ: The Open Directory Project
Yahoo: The Yahoo Directory The SEO Bible – Niche Directory to Market Your Website to the World
PegasusDirectory: The Pegasus Directory
Prolink Directory: The Pro Link Directory

Rather than submit your site to a lot of directories in one shot, it is better to gain inbound links from these web directories over time. So you can submit to 3-4 directories every week, and within a short period of 6-8 weeks, your site will be index and linked from 25-30 quality web directories.

Go ahead, try it. There’s really nothing to lose, and everything to gain!


How to Get Your New Site Indexed by Search Engines in No Time

October 28, 2006

Introduction to Getting Your Site Indexed in No Time
If you are like most people, you spend a lot of time building content, writing articles, and then start tweaking HTML, CSS, Metatags, Title, Anchor Text etc. Once you are happy with the site, you start thinking about getting traffic to the website.

Someone tells you that most of the traffic today comes form top search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. So you head to these search engines, and find the “Add URL” page. Then you religiously submit your site to all the search engines.

You then start to wait anxiously for your site to get listed, and check for your listing in search engines repeatedly, without any success. Some of you begin to get agitated, and start submitting to the search engines again, and again.

All this is in vain. Your site is nowhere to be found. And you wonder why!

The problem is that the search engines either don’t know about your site, or don’t find anything on your site worth indexing. You see, their key criteria to list a site is based on Link Popularity.

Link Popularity
Link Popularity means how popular your site is. If it really contains great content, definitely others would be linking to it. And if search engines don’t find any other sites linking to it, they don’t think anything great about your site. The point is that links coming from other sites matter, and specially┬á coming from other quality sites matter more.

For example if you run a photography website, and you have links coming from other top quality photography websites like National Geographic,, Photo Galleries,, Kodak, About Photography etc. then it gives you a lot of credibility.

But it is not easy for you to get a link from National Geographic, unless you have been around for some time, and have the credibility of a Professional Photographer for the past many years.

So what do you do? Well, there are other quality sites that are easier to get links from. Let’s check them out at The SEO Bible – Article on Getting Your Site Indexed by Search Engines.┬á

Also, I use many good tools for getting my clients ranked high in Search Engines. Some of the best SEO tools are reviewed for you, so that you can easily evaluate and pick the best. These reviews will save you countless hours searching and testing worthless software. Use these tried and tested, worth your money SEO tools, and get going on the path of success.

SEO Explained

October 20, 2006

If you want to know What is SEO, or why we need SEO, then head down to

My new article will give you a good understanding of SEO Services.

Cheers, Vinai

Changes to Yahoo Sponsored Search – For Better or Worse?

October 18, 2006

Yahoo has changed its sponsored seached dashboard. It now shows a range of bids, instead of the top 5 bids. This is pathetic, coming from Yahoo at the holiday time. Guess they are all out to make some extra money, counting on the holiday advertisers.
To read more, check out The SEO Bible Blog

Cheers, Vinai

How Arelis link popularity tool helped me find new link partners

October 10, 2006


Over the weekend I tried the trial version of Arelis, the link popularity software tool, which helps to find appropriate link partners. I was amazed at the simplicity of the tool. The speed was good, and it got information back from Yahoo, Alexa, even Whois database

Reciprocal link directories created by software, such as Arelis, are different. They don’t use a centralized link exchange system. The exchange is conducted directly between you and the partner site; a practice that will not get you into trouble with the search engines.

Another interesting feature is that you can customize your link directory in anyway you like. Even a HTML expert can’t tell if a link directory was created by Arelis or by hand. So, it is virtually impossible for search engines to seek out and ban your link directory, without banning all link directories on the Web.

You should check out the Arelis reviews and see the kind of rave reviews it has got first. And get the trial version of Arelis here.

There are some other good SEO tools and books reviewed at The SEO Bible website. They can help save your time and money too.


Check Your Future Google PageRank Here

October 2, 2006

Just heard that Google is updating its Pagerank index. If you want to checkout your site’s future pagerank, visit TheSeoBible and check it out.

And if you like it, you can bookmark it, or place a link to this tool on your site too.

Cheers, Vinai