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Maritime Telecommunications on Ships

May 2, 2013

We are all used to the Internet, the mobile phones, and can’t live without connectivity. Ever wondered how people who are at remote places like ships, airplanes, North Pole communicate?

Today, maritime telecommunications has come a long way, and Satellite communications are the norm for remote places like ships.

Technologies using Broadband, Narrowband, and Satellite phones help in such communications.

SingTel, a Singapore based Telecommunications Company has come up with the IsatPhone Pro, Iridium 9555 solutions. They use the Satellite ST-2, using the Ku Band and C band for communication with ships traveling in Asia, Middle East etc. using high powered beams. A number of solutions, available from are deployed, helping the maritime shipping industry.

Regardless of whether you are a ship owner, ship charterer or an oil rig operator, SingTel offers you an end-to-end Satellite Maritime ICT solution. With a complete suite of hosting facilities, global connectivity and industry leading capabilities, we propel you reach to international customers and give you peace of mind in global operations.

What are the emerging technologies in this area of maritime telecommunications?

Have you used any of these maritime ICT or satcom solutions?

What issues have you faced, and what worked for you.

We will talk about the new trends in maritime telecommunications in our next posting… Stay tuned!